Sheriff's Department

“With your help, we can keep drugs and crime out of Lincoln County.”

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department
322 N. Wallace St.
P.O. Box 166
Ivanhoe, MN 56142
Phone: 507-694-1664, Fax: 507-694-1325 (Fax)

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department is located in the Law Enforcement Center in Ivanhoe, MN. The facility was built in 2001, replacing an older facility which was built in 1902. The Law Enforcement Center is located directly behind the Lincoln County Courthouse and houses the Communications Center, Jail Facility and several offices for staff.

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Sheriff: Chad Meester

Chief Deputy: None

Jail Administrator/Civil Process: Linda Sorensen



Deputy Dallas Cornell

Deputy Guy Harding

Deputy Nathan Nafziger

Deputy Kurtis Szerlip

Deputy Isaiah Wahl

Deputy Marcus Bruflat (PT)



Sara Koch

James Kraus

Robin Sik

Robin Verschelde

Cindy Frensko (PT)

Jaime McKenzie (PT)

Haley Panka

What We Do The position of Sheriff is an elected position, which the terms are 4 yrs in length. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department offers 24-hour service for the citizens of Lincoln County. Our Communications Center receives dispatches all 911 calls for the county. This includes fire, medical and police related emergencies.

Lincoln County recently completed upgrading its E-911 system to provide better emergency services to the citizens of Lincoln County. This included rural addressing and rural signing of most roadways in Lincoln County. Included were upgrades of computers to allow the Communication Center Operators the ability to easily obtain names, phone numbers and addresses of those calling for emergency assistance. These same computers allow the operators the ability to track or follow the emergency vehicles responding to addresses within Lincoln County.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for enforcement of traffic laws, accident investigations, criminal investigations, crime prevention, boat & water safety and enforcement, completing civil process papers along with many additional services.

The Lincoln County Law Enforcement Center has the ability to house up to 15 inmates within the jail facility. The Sheriff’s Department personnel is responsible for booking in inmates into and out of the jail facility, along with transporting inmates to and from court as needed.

Lincoln County Courthouse, 319 N. Rebecca, PO Box 29, Ivanhoe, MN 56142  | Phone: 507-694-1000 , Fax: 507-694-1198

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