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The office of the County Auditor-Treasurer is an elected position, whose responsibilities are subject to various Minnesota State Statutes. The Auditor-Treasurer has traditionally been responsible for many of the administrative duties.

The County Auditor-Treasurer's Office has the authority to collect real estate, personal property and mobile home tax. We also renew Minnesota Driver's Licenses, Instruction Permits and Identification Cards.

Minnesota Deed Tax Stamps are sold though our office also.

Driver's License: 507-694-1522

Road Tests are scheduled by appointment

Written Tests are given Mondays and Tuesdays In Marshall | Appointment required.

Written Tests are given the second Friday of each month in Ivanhoe | Appointment required.

General Administration
The Auditor-Treasurer serves as the clerk to the County Board. This includes the scheduling of appointments to meet with the Board, preparation of Agendas and minutes of all meetings. A summary of the minutes from Board meetings is published in the official paper of the County. The Auditor-Treasurer also is a member of the Extension Committee and serves as the Secretary.

Other administrative functions include the preparation and maintenance of employee files for all employee benefits both employer paid and employee paid. The Auditor-Treasurer is also responsible for the preparation of the payroll for all County Employees. Included in the payroll responsibilities are the payment of all payroll taxes, insurance premiums, and pension benefits.

Financial Administration

The Auditor-Treasurer is responsible for preparing and submitting to the County Board for approval the budget for the next year. Once the budget is approved by the County Board, the Auditor-Treasurer then begins the process of calculating the Real Estate, Personal Property, and Mobile Home taxes that will be collected to provide funding for the approved budget.

The Auditor-Treasurer also operates and maintains an accounting system that provides a detailed accounting of the following for the General revenue and Ditch Funds of the County:

Receipts, Disbursements, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Ditch System, Annual Financial Statements

The Auditor-Treasurer also maintains a summary accounting of the Road & Bridge Funds. The detailed accounting of these funds is carried out by the individual departments. The Auditor-Treasurer works closely with the State Auditor-Treasurer's Office in the preparation of the annual audit and financial statement. The Auditor-Treasurer periodically submits to the County Board the financial status of the County, future financial needs, and projections as needed.

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Property Tax Administration
Each taxing district within the County must certify a tax levy and special assessments to the County Auditor-Treasurer. The Auditor-Treasurer tabulates all of these levies and special assessments and then calculates the amount of real estate, personal and mobile home tax will be paid by each property owner in the County based on the valuations certified to the Auditor-Treasurer by the County Assessor. Upon completion of the calculation of the tax, statements are distributed to all taxpayers indicating the amount of tax due and the due date.

Real Estate Tax Inquiry

After each tax deadline the Auditor-Treasurer must reconcile all collections for accuracy and pay out to each taxing district their appropriate share of the taxes collected. State Statutes specify when these payments must be made. All real estate transactions for property located in the county are processed through the Auditor-Treasurer's Office either to collect deed or mortgage registry tax, or to make changes to the ownership of the property. The Auditor-Treasurer's Office maintains the ownership records in the tax system daily or as needed. Lincoln County has approximately 6726 tax parcels. After the beginning of the new year the Auditor-Treasurer publishes a list of delinquent taxes in the official paper of the County. Upon request, the Auditor-Treasurer certifies under the seal of her office indicating thereon whether taxes are paid or unpaid.

Miscellaneous The Auditor-Treasurer is responsible for issuing liquor, wine, 3.2 malt liquor, tobacco, auctioneer, dance and transient merchant licenses.

The Auditor-Treasurer is a member by statute of the county board of equalization.

To assist the Auditor-Treasurer in carrying out these tasks, 3 Deputy Auditor-Treasurers have been appointed by the Auditor-Treasurer. As an elected official, the County Auditor-Treasurer is responsible directly to the people of Lincoln County for the duties of Auditor-Treasurer. The Auditor-Treasurer and staff are dedicated to serving the citizens of Lincoln County by offering the best possible service in all aspects of the assigned duties.

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