Welcome to Lincoln County Minnesota

Staff Jean Nelson - Assessor

Cody Moen - Deputy Assessor

Kathleen Wall Deputy Assessor


Fax: 507-694-1198

What We Do The County Assessor's Office assistance and instructs local assessors in changes in the laws and use of land maps, record cards and buildings schedules. We keep records of homesteads actively engaged in farming, relative homesteads and updating property splits.

Homestead Application: To apply for homestead, click here for the applcation to fill out online and print, or print to fill out.
Return the application via mail or to the assessor's office in the Lincoln County Courthouse.  

We conduct meetings of local Boards of Review and Appeal and County Board of Equalization and Appeal for residents that have a dispute on the tax assessed value of their property.

We also answer questions or concerns of County residents about their tax assessed values.

Lincoln County Courthouse, 319 N. Rebecca, PO Box 79, Ivanhoe, MN 56142  | Phone: 507-694-1000 , Fax: 507-694-1198

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